Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery

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An essential part of your wedding day, stationery is so much more than just invitations. In fact, there’s a huge amount to consider! Don’t fret, with our ultimate guide you’ll be clued up on ‘Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery’ in no time.

So, let’s get stuck in…

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery | Sweetpea & Blossom

Not only can it give your guests a glimpse into your celebration, your wedding stationery will act as branding to your big day. It will set the scene for what’s to come, offering a first look into your wedding design, colour palette and style. The on-the-day stationery can also become a part of your décor, with couples getting incredibly creative with their table plan, menus and escort cards. Plus, your stationery will ensure that your guests will have all of the information they could possibly need.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery | Sweetpea & Blossom

When it comes to choosing your stationery, you need to fine tune your wedding style. Are you having a classic black-tie affair or a chic city celebration? Whatever day you are planning, you need to ensure your invitations reflect this. From your save the date cards to your seating plan, we suggest keeping the same design throughout your stationery for a co-ordinated look. Your save the date cards quite simply indicate that your guests are invited to your wedding and that they need to put the date down in the diary. They just need to be simple but set the tone straightaway. They are particularly useful if you need to give your guests advance notice of your wedding or if you are planning on tying the knot abroad.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery | Sweetpea & Blossom

Your invitations are there to inform your guests of the date, time and location of your event. Ensure that you have all of the essential information clearly displayed and don’t overcrowd the page. You can include any other useful information on separate cards, such as accommodation, directions and gift lists. You could even detail your website URL so that your guests can head online for any vital information they may need ahead of the celebration. You will also need to send your evening guests a separate invitation indicating to arrive for the party after the celebration. Often overlooked, envelopes can effortlessly add elegance to your wedding stationery suite. Handwritten, calligraphy-style envelopes that are high quality will offer a hint of luxury to your wedding stationery.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery | Sweetpea & Blossom

When it comes to the on-day-stationery, there’s a surprisingly large amount to consider. Let’s start with your order of service, which is essentially a booklet for your wedding ceremony. It will contain the names of your bridal party, the celebrant, the songs, the readings and the order in which this will all take place. While religious and civil ceremonies will differ, order of service booklets can be used for both. Lots of couples add a personal touch to their programs with bios about the bridal party, tributes to loved ones or even little anecdotes about their love story.

The order of the day or wedding day timings essentially details how your day will unfold, from the ceremony to the breakfast, the cake cutting to the first dance. Many couples create stylish signage and use it as part of their venue décor.

It’s time to think about your seating plan, which are usually displayed at the entrance of your reception area. You will need to display a plan of the table layouts so that your guests can easily find their seats, without any stress! You will also need to include table numbers or names and escort cards. Your table numbers can be displayed in various different ways, but they need to be able to clearly identify which table is which. Your place cards need to be in the setting of each guest and can easily be included as part of your wedding favours. For instance, a pretty calligraphy name tag can be tied to a little gift box, mini champagne bottle or small box of perfume. You may also want to place menu cards on your wedding breakfast tables so that guests are reminded of their menu choices.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Stationery | Sweetpea & Blossom

When it comes to stationery for after the wedding, thank you cards are essential. Sent shortly after your big day has taken place, they are the perfect opportunity to let your guests know you appreciate their gifts and attendance. Don’t forget to thank your bridal party members for having such a special part in your day.

There are lots of luxurious ways to style your special day with stationery. Signs with romantic quotes, directions or significant dates in your relationship (such as your first date, first kiss, etc) are a lovely way to decorate your venue. You’ll also need stationery to indicate your guests to your card and gift table, guest book, cocktail choices etc.

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