Luxury Wedding Trends for 2020

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As one of the leading luxury planners in the UK, we’ve seen many trends in our years of experience. A luxury wedding may mean different things to different couples but, as we at Kristina Kempton have worked with some of society’s high-profile personalities and families, we understand the true definition of exceptional service, attentional to detail, and prestigious quality. Here are our expert opinions and predictions for 2020 luxury wedding trends.


Abundant Blooms

Luxury Wedding Trends 2020 | Sweetpea & Blossom Wedding Planners |

We love big and beautiful floral installations at weddings, the kind dreams are made of, and what takes florals from a pretty arrangement to a breath-taking, luxury installation is quality and quantity in equal measure. Think exquisite orchids, refined roses, and blooms in abundance.

Our favourite in the world of luxury florals must be hanging installations, pushing the boundaries in design. The expertise involved in bringing such extraordinary visions to life ensures the trend is kept only for the most luxurious weddings.

A wealth of romantic and design-led wedding florals have been a very popular trend with our 2019 couples and luxury installations are certainly something we see carrying through to 2020.


Rich Textures

Luxury Wedding Trends 2020 | Sweetpea & Blossom Wedding Planners |

The texture trend has steadily increased in weddings but 2019 has been the year of undeniably luxurious textures, such as velvet, and layering details to create an unforgettable experience for the senses.

Complimenting elegant tableware with carefully chosen textured linen and bringing out your colour palette with the special touch of a rich, velvet ribbon (for example) –is precisely the kind of attention to detail that transforms a wedding from average to luxury.

Luxury textures aren’t going anywhere in 2020, in fact, we predict seeing more couples embracing the trend and pushing things to the next level–sourcing rare and unique materials, ensuring their wedding is unlike any other.



Luxury Wedding Trends 2020 | Sweetpea & Blossom Wedding Planners |

The monogram trend has fluctuated in the past, but it is back – and with a luxury feel. From stationery suites to linens and even luxury gifts, monogrammed items are now seen as a sophisticated personal touch for your wedding.

In 2020 we expect to see monograms paired with other trends to keep the idea personalised to each couple.


Bespoke Bars

Luxury Wedding Trends 2020 | Sweetpea & Blossom Wedding Planners |

Carrying on from the personalisation trend, we’re seeing an increase in bespoke built bars and staging at weddings. Working with some of the world’s most creative and experienced companies means we witness extraordinary creations, and what’s more luxury than a completely custom concept?

We are sure the trend of transforming spaces to feel unique and personal to the couple will continue into 2020, and bespoke bars are likely to be high on the luxury wedding wish-list.


Showstopping Cakes

Luxury Wedding Trends 2020 | Sweetpea & Blossom Wedding Planners |

Gone are the days of small, single, traditional wedding cakes. 2019 has seen a rise in couples choosing flawless, edible masterpieces. For a luxury wedding, a mediocre wedding cake simply won’t cut it.

The shift away from traditional goes beyond the once humble wedding cake. Brides now often opt not to throw their bouquet, old-school ballroom weddings are making a comeback but with couples showing their own style, and the more modern approach of a party feel is increasing in popularity.

In 2020 look out for spectacular sugar-work, multiple creations, and showstopping wedding cake designs.


Unique Lighting & Production

Luxury Wedding Trends 2020 | Sweetpea & Blossom Wedding Planners

Luxury weddings don’t have to settle for the standard lighting options available at their chosen venue –there are prestigious production companies and stylists on-hand to completely transform ceremony and reception spaces. Thousands of candles, lavish chandeliers, precision lighting, and atmospheric concepts can all be designed to make your vision a reality.

We predict more unique lighting combinations and production, complimenting those abundant floral designs, to stylishly flow right into 2020 weddings.


No two weddings are ever the same in the world of luxury (you won’t see any cookie-cutter weddings for our couples). Balancing the overall concept, carefully incorporating trends, and remembering the devil is in the detail will ensure your day is the luxury quality you desire. Carefully choosing expert companies, who truly understand your requirements and have the experience to logistically bring your dreams to life, is the key to an unforgettable and unique day.

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