The Luxury Service Your Wedding Shouldn’t Be Without

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When planning a luxury, design-led wedding there are many ‘must-have’ elements to think about–from picking the right designer shoes to which, if any, of the latest trends in décorwill suit your day. There is one service, however, your luxury wedding definitely shouldn’t be without –a service that can help you avoid costly mistakes, create the vision you have been dreaming of, and give you the time and peace of mind to actually enjoy your wedding planning process…a luxury wedding planner.

When you need a couture gown for an event you wouldn’t consider walking into a general high-street store or even think about hiring an average seamstress. Likewise, if you wanted a top-of-the-range custom-built car you wouldn’t waste your own time sourcing each little, but integral, part yourself or stress over any logistics. In both scenarios you would choose the best professionals for the task, experts in their field, and trust your luxury item would be in safe hands.

Your wedding day should be effortlessly exceptional, with the highest quality suppliers, and flawless design. It should be seamless in its organisation, create an experience you will remember forever, and have an attention to detail second to none. It’s for these reasons that the service your wedding shouldn’t be without is an expert, luxury wedding planner.

The three major areas a luxury wedding planner can help with are design, costings, and experience.

The Luxury Service Every Wedding Needs | Sweetpea & Blossom Luxury Planners


Designing a wedding focused on your choices as a couple, and not a cookie-cutter wedding you’ve seen a million times, takes a bit more expertise than simply ‘pinning’ your visual ideas and then asking a supplier to recreate the concept. Creating bespoke designs, fresh visions, and a stunning wedding day requires knowledge, trusted vendors, and some of the most sought-after creatives in the industry.

We are one of the leading luxury planners in the UK and renowned for our wedding designs –especially our use of romantic and abundant floral installations and our extraordinary attention to detail. Having worked with high-profile personalities and society families, we understand discretion, extensive requirements, and a desire for design and quality that takes your breath away. We never create two weddings the same and always aim to make your dreams a reality.

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An expert wedding planner (like Kristina Kempton) knows the industry inside and out. They know which suppliers have a genuine reputation for quality (not all vendors are created equal) and have a wealth of recommendations. They also know when a luxury service or product price is exorbitantly high or far too good to be true, and they should also be experts in contracts.

It’s this understanding of true quality versus a quote provided, and expert knowledge, that can help a luxury wedding planner prevent you from making costly mistakes and instead choose vendors, services and products of the highest quality. This is an area we pride ourselves on at Kristina Kempton.

International Wedding Planners | The Luxury Service Every Wedding Needs | Sweetpea & Blossom Luxury Planners


The sheer amount of stress and research involved in creating your impeccable, luxury wedding can soon feel overwhelming and prevent you from enjoying the planning process –sometimes even the day itself. An experienced planner takes all this stress off your shoulders. They thrive on organising logistics and perfecting schedules.

Ensuring everyone works in harmony and the day runs seamlessly is critical for a luxury experience. Your timeline, for example, needs to allow the right amount of time for every aspect–so no part of your day feels too rushed or drawn out. Liaising with suppliers, bringing concepts together, and detailing your wedding timeline is all part of our service at Kristina Kempton. Using our years of experience and extensive expertise, we oversee every aspect of your wedding–leaving you to enjoy the lead-up, and every moment of, your special day.

A luxury wedding planner isn’t just the latest accessory that every couple wants, they are the equivalent of the high-end designer for your couture gown and the head of the prestigious car company –they are the professional, expert, and luxury service your wedding shouldn’t be without.

If you would like to discuss how our service can help you with your personal, luxury wedding planning process–then contact us to book a free consultation.

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